Thursday, July 05, 2007

Difficult to believe.

It is sometimes difficult to understand what motivate people to do dastardly acts. I was reading the account of a man who allegedly killed his lover over a certain some of money early this year. The man was said to have lent the money to his lover, who later went back to demand for another sum with a pledge that she will make love with the suspect. When she failed to keep her promise, the suspect lured her to a deserted farmland, butchered her to death and hurriedly wrapped the body with her clothes and buried her remains in a shallow grave few metres from the scene of the crime. Unknown to him, a farmer in the adjoining farmland witnessed the whole show; he raised alarm and the villagers gathered round the man to prevent him from escape and later called in the police. Upon questioning, he claimed that he had spent so much money on the victim during their courtship, alleging that she had always denied him sex. He alleged that the victim borrowed from him and always refused to pay back only to request for more money but still refusing to have sex with him as agreed. He alleged that the victim was always coming to him with one lie or another, with a view to extorting money from him and that was just the only reason he decided to hack her to death.

What a story! What a man!

But is this right? How much money could have been involved?

Ladies, lets watch out, no amount of money is what the loss of a human life.

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