Friday, October 03, 2008

Watch where you step

If you were to look back on some of the decisions you regret in the past, I'll bet you'd see that you failed to really watch where you were stepping; to see what this was going to cost you. For many of us, a lot of the frustration and pain we're dealing with today is the harvest of bad decisions that we've made in the past. Jesus wants us to avoid regrets like those by looking where we're stepping.
You don't just run into something because it feels good or sounds good or looks good. Before you go running ahead full speed, you have to stop your forward progress. First sit down, and asks yourself some cost-counting questions. How will this affect my family? My reputation? How will this affect my health? The other commitments I've already made? What could this cost me financially? How is it going to affect my time with God? My time to serve God? What temptations is this going to throw me into? What am I sacrificing to do this? Can I really live with what this might cost me?
Those questions anticipate the harvests that you’re going to reap from the decision you’re about to make - the price you'll be paying. Don't go charging into something until you have really looked at what you're about to step into!
So, watch your step.

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