Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Attention all Bloggers,ALERTPAY is here for us!

I recently stumbled upon a site where I read about Alertpay, I was so excited for two reasons, the one first one being that PAYPAL has finally gotten a much awaited competition and secondly I can now take part in promos and paid blogging fully because I am now sure I can get my money as at when due. The best news is that Alertpay is fully operational here in Nigeria. You can send and receive money and even make other transactions depending on your subscription type. Please take time to check out the site and register your interest via this LINK.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Knowing Where To Tap.

Do you know that Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort in your life makes all the difference? Read the following story and be blessed.

It is the story of the giant ship engine that failed? The ship's owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure out how to fix the engine. Then they brought in an old man who had been fixing ships since he was a youngster. He carried a large bag of tools with him, and when he arrived, he immediately went to work. He inspected the engine very carefully, top to bottom.

Two of the ship's owners were there, watching this man, hoping he would know what to do. After looking things over, the old man reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the engine lurched into life. He carefully put his hammer away. The engine was fixed! A week later, the owners received a bill from the old man for ten thousand dollars.

"What?" the owners exclaimed. "He hardly did anything!"

So they wrote the old man a note saying, "Please send us an itemized bill."

The man sent a bill that read:

Tapping with hammer ..................... $ 2.00

Knowing where to tap .................... $ 9,998.00

GRAND TOTAL ...................................................$10,000.00

I pray GOD to always give us the insight to know WHERE TO TAP whenever we are faced with the dangers and WORRISOME SITUATIONS associated with the DECISIONS of today. May the good Lord always bless our effort? When we know where to tap, (through His grace), may He lead and direct us on how to do the tapping.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The limit to your growth and independence could be you!

Do you know that the world is like a mirror, which gives back to
anyone the reflection of the thoughts in which one has strongly believed? Do you also know that the only person who is capable of setting limits to your growth is YOU, so examine yourself, watch yourself. Don't be afraid of difficulties, impossibilities and losses, be a winner, build yourself and your reality. Read the following story and learn.

One day, an employer called all his employees together and announced to them thus; "Yesterday the person who has been hindering your growth in thiscompany passed away. I invite you to join the funeral in the next room. They were all sad to hear of the death of one of their colleagues, but after a while they started getting curious to know whothe person was who had hindered the growth of his colleagues and the company itself. The excitement in the room was such that security agents were ordered to control the crowd within the room. The more people reached the coffin, the more the excitement heated up. Everyone thought: "Who is this guy who was hindering my progress? Well, at least he died!” One by one the thrilled employees got closer to the coffin, and when they looked inside it they suddenly became speechless. They stood near the coffin, shocked and in silence, as if someone had touched the deepest part of their soul. There was a mirror inside the coffin, everyone who looked inside it could see himself. There was also a sign next to the mirror that said: "There is only one person who is capable to set limits to your growth:it is YOU. You are the only person who can revolutionize your life. You are theonly person who can influence your happiness, your realization and your success.

You are the only person who can help yourself. Your life does not change when your boss changes, when your friend’s change, when your parents change, when your partner changes, when your company changes. Your life changes when YOU change, when you go beyond your limiting beliefs, when you realize that you are the only one responsible for your life. "The most important relationship you can have, is the one you have with yourself"
The world and your reality are like mirrors lying in a coffin, whichshow to any individual the death of his divine capability to imagineand create his happiness and his success.

Be blessed.

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