Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dealing with problems.

A hiker went walking through the forest one bright sunny day, sighted a drowning man floundering in the river. He was momentarily stunned and was at first undecided what to do. He later jumped in the river when he saw the man disappearing below the waters. He threw off all his heavy clothing and dove into the river, swimming like a madman toward the spot where he last saw the man. Reaching the spot, he plunged below the surface and frantically hauled up the helpless man. He then towed him to the shore. Heaving the lifeless body up on the bank, the hiker attempted to revive the man, who eventually spit up water and began to breathe. Relieved, the hiker paused to catch his breath. But no sooner had he done so than he heard another voice out on the water.
Another drowning person! And another and another ……………. until finally exhausted and about ready to collapse, he saw another man walking briskly towards the upper part of the river, he could not help calling out to the man for assistance. But all his effort yielded no results as the man continued walking as if he had not heard him. Surprised, the hiker ran up to him blocked his part and the following conversation ensued;

Hiker: "Hey! How can you possibly walk past all these drowning people?
Have you no conscience? Must I force you to help me save these people?"

Stranger: “Please get out of my way because I am headed upstream to stop the man who is pushing all these people in."

Learning point: It is better to address problems at source rather than allow it degenerate into something that may be difficult to resolve. We need to learn to deal with problems at source.Some if not all of us allow our problems to swamped us,we need to weigh the problems, look at how best to approach it,and apply creative thinking to solve it.It is not all problems that require money to solve,simple solutions at our fingertips could go a long way in making life better.

Remember,apply creative thinking.

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