Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Have you counted the cost?

Read about a young man who got into marriage without thinking or counting the cost involved. He was unable to pay the dowry demanded by his inlaws, but he was permitted to go ahead and marry with the promise that he will pay later. After paying some instalment, he was unable to pay the balance even after several years of marriage. He could not even meet up with the many obligations that had come up. He obviously was ignorant of the responsibilities that come with marriage. He did not count the cost, forgetting that every crown has its own cost.
You don't just run into something because it feels good or sounds good or looks good. Before you go ahead , you have to sit down and ask yourself, how will this affect my family? My reputation? How will this affect my health? The other commitments I've already made?
What could this cost me financially? How is it going to affect my time with God? What temptations is this going to throw me into? What am I sacrificing to do this? Can I really live with what this might cost me?
Remember; whatever cost you nothing will add up to nothing in your life.

Counting the cost is important in any decision making.

Have a blessed day.

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