Tuesday, August 07, 2007

GOD makes all things beautiful in His own time.

Why do people love to get rich quick?
Why do they have to go all out to make money?
Why do we have to be rich at the expense of others?
Why can’t we all wait for God’s appointed time?
Is patient such a terrible virtue?

If you acquire things (money, wealth, children, husband, name it) through unscrupulous means, how comfortable are you enjoying these things?

I thought that with all the negative publicity that advanced free fraud aka 419 has been receiving, that the people involved in this would look for alternative decent means of survival. The time it takes you to compose all those stupid letters and mails you send to people could have been used constructively.
I must tell you also that it takes a smart person to carry out the research involved in making the mails look and sound real.

Why don’t you divert all those intelligence into doing something good and stop giving us bad names in this country?

You drug dealers and peddlers, why don’t you realize the number of lives you have destroyed with your so-called business. Anyway the judgment that fall upon the wicked is already yours just for the sins you’re committing against humanity.

I have this word for you all, because you are lazy and look for the quickest way to get rich, your desires shall kill you; for your hands refuse to labour, (Prov. 21:25) you covet greedily what belong to others then shall your house be overthrown (Prov 14:11), Wherefore doth the way of the wicked prosper? Wherefore are all they happy that deal very treacherously? (Jer 12:1). If you persist in defrauding people and stripping them of what rightfully belong to them, then such are my prayers for you.

Learn to wait for God's blessing. Stop be in a hurry.

Be blessed.

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