Friday, October 26, 2007

Don't wait till tomorrow,Do it now!

Got this interesting article from a friend. Have a nice read.

Everyone knows that life is already unmercifully short; here today, gone tomorrow is a fact of life sooner or later, it is a reality that each of us must face.

How and where we spend our time should be a matter of serious urgency because tomorrow is a day that never comes. And there is no guarantee that you will live to see another tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a day that all of us should live in and enjoy this very moment. We should strive to enjoy this day. And this day should be considered the greatest day of your life. You were taught, early on, not to put off until tomorrow what can and should be done today.

This means dreams must be lived in the now; truth must be told today, love, sharing, caring and serving must be done today. Unattended obligations must be completed today and forgiveness must begin this very moment. Both justice and friendship must be implemented and maintained right now, not tomorrow or next month.
It is foolish and very unwise to wait for the right moment or the right opportunity before you take action to embrace the totality of life. Consider every moment to be the right moment and also the right opportunity. Time is the one constant in all life; it never slows or speeds up but is continuous and unrelenting.

Presidents, potentates, kings and queens, and all manner of high-ranking movers and shakers may die, come and go, but time is no respecter of person, title or position. All of us have equal access to the same amount of time. Rich people have no more or less time than people who are not rich. Somehow, they seem to make better use of their time.

For sure, they are both times conscious as well as value-conscious. You dont get rich or achieve outstanding success by misusing time. Most successful people do things that add to, not take away from their success. They value their time, and also the time of other time-conscious individuals.

With time being a decisive factor in all life, there is no room for plea-bargaining; all excuses, reasonable or unreasonable, are unacceptable. With or without you, time marches on, which is why you must get busy maximizing every available moment. A do-it-now attitude must be reflected in your spirit, in your actions as well as in your deeds. A can't wait; do-it-now mentality must become the new order of the day.

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