Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I think I have heard someone somewhere say that opportunity comes but once. Even though I believe that there are lots of opportunities for everyone to make it, but there are still some that once missed, it can never be regained. Such was the story of two people I watched Last night on Oprah’s show, the discussion was centred on making good use of money, the first is a woman who played and won a 15million dollar lottery, payable over a period of twenty years with a yearly pay of four hundred and something thousand dollars after tax. The other is a homeless can collector who hit jackpot during his scavenging act through the magnanimity of a Hollywood producer. Both were asked how they spend the money and if there is any of it stashed away and you could imagine my surprise when the woman said they bought lots of things they’ve been lacking for a long time (beach house, apartments, boats, luxury cars etc), and gave some of it away to friends and relative. The homeless guy also gave all his money out as cash and gifts for friends and family. In a nutshell none of the two actually thought of making a better use of the money or part of it, like investing in a business that could yield some profits and generate a stable income afterwards.
Here is a story of someone who did it differently. This guy was poorer than a church rat, he was ever alert to the drumbeats of parties anywhere so that he could attend/gatecrashed and gets some left over food. But luck smiled on him one day when he was invited to work somewhere as a labourer to dig the ground. As he was digging, he heard a strange sound and out of curiosity he dug a little further and struck a pot of gold that must have been buried and forgotten years back. He quickly got a sack and loaded the gold coins into it and returned home. He sold the gold coins, each was highly priced and set up a business with the proceeds and that was how poverty vanished from his life.
Would you have also done things differently?
What would you do if you were in their shoes?
Some stand in front of the door of riches, breakthrough and prosperity but still remain poor for want of a key with which to open the door.
Are you one of such people?
Some were unemployed for years and when given an opportunity to work they are not serious with the job.
Please when given an opportunity, don’t misuse or abuse it, remember some only comes once in a lifetime.

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