Thursday, September 06, 2007

When God is in control, we think he is not?

This is a reference to Channelofhealing’s God Is Always In Control... so don't worry about a thing!
You see often times some of us found ourselves being victims of circumstances beyond our control, some of these things happen and we wish we could have prevented it (the bad ones) and some happen that we welcome with open arms (the good things) even though, the occurrence is not of our own making. One of the former is the situation of one of my neighbours. He’s been a good friend to my family, which made it possible for me to know a few things about him. I learnt sometimes back that he lost his job and till date he has not been able to secure a new job. I guess he must have tried so many times and when there was no luck decided to resign to his faith. The most frustrating thing is that his extended family members do not want to understand that he presently does not have any means to support himself. I think they believe that if he can still afford to pay rent on a nice flat in a choice location, then he has money and the wife is probably prevailing on him not to assist his family financially. All through this, he and the wife have been praying and sometimes hold all night vigil. Whenever the man complains, our advice is God is still in control of the situation, praying that one of these days God will remove every obstacle on the road to their opportunity.
This may be difficult for him and others like him to believe, but everyone has a story and no one is immune to problems, and for as many as believe God for an opportunity to breakthrough, it should be at the back of their minds that there would always be obstacles on the way, but through it all God is in control. Life is not a bed of roses, if it were; Joseph would not have had to go through all that trouble. Remember, he had a dream, which he shared with his brothers who hated him with all the passion in their body, they sold him into slavery, and as a slave in Egypt, his master’s wife framed him for something he did not do. He was instantly thrown into prison, where his gift of interpretation of dreams came to light. And because God was in control of his situation, he removed the obstacle in his way by allowing him be the only man that could interpret Pharaoh’s dream.(God did this when he thought the time was right ,in his own time)
What do you think of that, know it that troubles may be lasting, but it is not everlasting and if you can be patient, your day will come, when your light will have no other choice than to SHINE fort for all to see.

Please be happy.

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