Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm taking a leave of absence

I think the time as finally come for me to confess that I need some time off. I have been physically strong to say the least, and posting that used to be so much fun for me has become something I have been struggling with; I now need to summon all my willpower to complete a post.
Please, bear with me. Will be back as soon as I’m able to. Meanwhile, I will continue to visit my favourite blogs and read updates from all my subscriptions when I can.

Peace an Love,


channelofhealing said...

Oh my! Bola I Pray and Wish you get well soon.


Student001 said...

The Lord is your strenght, Sister!!! Be Strong!

Jay Cam said...

are you having "blog block"?
i hate when that happens..

Jay Cam said...

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EJIRO said...

Hey Bola, pls do get well quickly and come back, missed u a lot.

franscud said...

Sometimes we all need to take a break and recharge. I hope you're back blogging soon.

Omodudu said...

stll waiting for you to come back..that is a rather long break..lol

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