Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Agony of love

Mesh was not like any other married woman; she was a beauty, slim with all the right curves in the right places. She was the envy of her women friends and many of her husband’s friends do praise the proud husband for having such a beautiful woman for a wife. You need to know her to appreciate the work God did on her, after three children she is still able to glow and radiate such beauty. Mesh has a sister who is not as beautiful as she is and when people refer to the differences in their looks she always answered that her sister took after their father’s side of the family. When they were younger, a sort of rivalry does exist between them, Mesh is quiet, intelligent and easygoing christain, people loved her, while her sister Rate is quite the opposite and was always jealous of the attention she received whenever they were together. After her graduation from the university, Mesh decided to settle down with her heartthrob, God blessed them and they were able to live comfortably well in their own apartment. When Rate also graduated from college, Mesh asked her to come live with her and her family, they all got along so well that people do think that Rate is Mesh’s sister in law instead of her sister because she was so close to the husband, Jack. Both were always seen strolling together in the neighbourhood, holding hands and so on. People started to pass side comments and insinuate all sorts of things and even asking Mesh to confirm the true relationship between Rate and herself. Mesh refused to listen to all this simply because she did not think there is anything bad in her sister and her husband being so close. She still did not think that there was anything going on even when the oldest of her three children asked her why daddy and auntie Rate sometimes locked themselves in auntie Rate’s room when mummy was not at home.
The matter finally came to a head when she had to come back home early from a trip to find her husband’s car parked in their garage when he was supposed to be at work. She entered the house with trepidation, thinking the husband has been sick and had to come home from work. Upon entering their living room, she got the shock of her life and she instantly wished she had paid attention to all those insinuations from friends and neighbours alike. It was not easy for her to discover that all this while her sister has been having illicit affair with her husband right under her nose. The husband and sister she trusted and loved so much, her question was;
If her husband could do it, why should her sister, her own flesh and blood?
If her husband had to be unfaithful, why does it have to be with her sister?
How long has her husband been cheating on her behind her back?
What does she do now? (She does not believe in divorce and she loved the man so much, BUT HER OWN SISTER!)

Please note that the names mentioned here are not actual names of persons.


Bro. Tee said...

Quite a pathetic story. If she is a Christian, she has no better option than to forgive them both.
Also, she needs to meet with a Christian counselor so that she will heal fast.

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