Monday, August 06, 2007

I Shouldn't Have the Onions

A young man went to a local restaurant that was voted by locals to have the best hamburgers in the city. As the young man approached the cashier to place his order, he began to rattle off the things he did not want on his burgers. He began to explain to the cashier that he did not want onions because he did not want the smell of them on his breath. Because he had nothing to counter the smell, he knew what he ingested was likely to come out of his mouth and not smell too good. Therefore, he decided that he "shouldn't have the onions."It is important for every Christian to know that everything we ingest will come out in some way or another. If we ingest negativity from people, negativity will begin to come out of our mouths. If we ingest positive things, positive affirmations will come out of our mouths. Negativity is like the smell of onions in the eyes of God and we cannot allow ourselves and/or other people place it in our lives. Doubt, complaining, self-pity are among the many onions we sometimes ingest. Because we ingest these onions, we begin to speak negative things over our lives, and it stinks. We must decide to no longer think or speak negatively over our lives or allow others to do so. God has purpose and destiny for our lives and the enemy knows this and wants to rob us of it. Therefore, it is up to us not to allow negativity to stink it up, but decide that we "shouldn't have the onions."
Our perception of people should always be good. If we expect the best from people, we get the best out of them.
It is important to remember that death and life are in the power of the tongue; we should also learn to caution our tongues.Watch what you say to people, a single word wrongly uttered could destroy a life.
I used to have this habit of abusing other drivers when I drive. Often times I come across people that drive recklessly, some stop without signaling that they are about to stop, others just come out on the road without watching well. It then became a habit to expect other drivers on the road to drive as such and when they do, I was always ready with a word and I sometimes park to reprimand and lecture, especially the taxi drivers. I later realize that some don't even have to do anything before I start screaming at them for an offence they are yet to commit. My son will turn to look at me with an expression that says: why are you shouting? And I will feel terrible inside of me until I started praying that God should teach me to overlook all these minor lapses and help me to control my tongue. It worked because any time I tried to open my mouth to abuse or curse I will remember that the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. (Prov. 18:21)


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