Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just Schmoozing

I was overwhelmed with joy when I opened my mailbox this morning to the realisation that I have an award waiting for me at The Painted Veil. This is quite an honour I must tell you, a surprise, I think it’s a great way to spur deserving bloggers on. Thanks Shinade for this award, you’re indeed a gem.

Now my own 5
I have to do the rounds of blogs to do this and I must confess that there are a lot of good writers out there, believe me you will be confuse trying to pick out your five if you were in my position.

My first hit is Davidbdale of Very Short Novels; he is an innovative writer who has an intriguing way of portraying his characters, I love his concept of 299 words, it keeps you at it knowing you will soon get to know the end of the story. Get to know him and you will see his great schmoozer

But I have another hit here, do I need to give an inside scoop on her for those non-gardeners…….. Nope you can get to know her through this award. She is Philomena Ojikutu of the Telenovela Love Garden,the eloquence with which she summarizes and reviews telenovela make her a great schmoozer.

Oh RefinedOne, what do I say about you, I think I will use tags for you, you know they tell more of you than any other description I could use, and I really want people to know why you deserve this award, here is:

Orphaned children
Hope in crisis
Need I go on?

And now it’s your turn Trina Roach of Creating Tomorrow ….I guess you’re as surprise as I was. Trina is a leadership consultant and a coaching expert, for those wondering what that means, just go get a glimpse of creating tomorrow and you’ll see.

Here I draw the curtain with Yolanda of she is a loving mom blogging about her Efamily.She is one of my prize schmoozer.

Do I hear drums……..
Yes, I think so
Congratulations bloggers
Don’t forget to “PASS IT ON”


Refinedone said...

Thanks so much for this *blush*... It is by His grace I am able.

will pass it on a couple of months :)

Stay blessed!

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