Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Leave the past where it belongs..............in the past.

The past!everyone has it, either good or bad,but the ability to forget and leave the past to the infinite mercy of God, the future to his good providence and give the present wholly to his love by being faithful to his grace is what make us victorious.

Are you ever disturbed by memories? Wouldn't it be nice to simply click the DELETE KEY and erase the pain while leaving only happy recol­lections?

I like the story of the minister who passed along to a beginning pastor a trick he used when he noticed the congregation nodding off.

"I suddenly say to them, 'Last night I held another man's wife in my arms.' And, when eve­ry­­­one sits up shocked, I continue, 'It was my own dear mother.'"

The young preacher liked it and was ready the following Sunday when most of his congrega­tion was drowsing. He said in a loud voice, "You know, last night I held another man's wife in my arms

Stunned, the congregation sat bolt upright and stared. Unnerved, the young preacher stam mered, "Oh dear -- I've forgotten who she was."

Have you ever wanted to take back an embarrassing moment, a hasty decision, or a word spoken in the heat of anger? The problem is, some things can't be taken back! Some hurts cannot be undone. And unfortunately, no delete key can correct the past so that memories no longer hurt, frighten or humiliate.

The past is what it is ------- past. And that, too, is good to remember. It is past. Over. Finished. There is no taking it back, yet no purpose is served in re-living and rehashing old memories. It is gone. Let it be a teacher. Let us learn from its harsh les­sons as well as its joys.

Then let us leave it where it be­longs -- in the past and move on to the land of new beginnings where all of our past mistakes and heartaches, And all of our poor selfish grief,could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door and never be put on again.

Why don't you ask for the grace to put the past in the past and BEGIN AGAIN.


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