Thursday, May 03, 2007


  • Obtain complete information- (local, historical and scientific) on the remedies you intend to take. Where the questions on the concentration, toxicity and compatibility with other medications are yet to have full answers it is better to defer its use. For packaged drugs, this may be available on the web.
  • Prevention is better than cure- exercise, healthy eating habits and stress management is the best.
  • Natural is never equal to safe- This applies to…hmm…. sex, drinks and …U guessed right!!! Herbal medications. Watch closely, observation coupled with good judgment is advised.
  • Please do not add to, or replace, your conventional medication with herbal medicines without seeking medical advice - The multiple ingredients of herbal preparations almost guarantee interaction with conventional drugs, whether synergistic or antagonistic, this is dangerous. For many it is a fine recipe for catastrophe or even ‘obito’.
  • Always read the fine prints - Remember that sometimes, that which is not written tells more than that which is written. Check the labels/instructions


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