Thursday, April 26, 2007

Transformation - Turn In Your Favor

There are many things that can hold you back. Yet there's always a way to turn them around, into forces that move you forward.
If you ever find yourself feeling envious, take that envy and turn it into inspiration. The envy will do nothing for you, but the inspiration can make an enormous positive difference.
When despair comes upon you, transform it into strength. When you've experienced a defeat, redirect its energy into commitment.
Take the pain of humiliation and let it spur you to build a real, lasting confidence. When you've experienced disappointment, turn it into wisdom.
Transform your most irritating frustrations into rock solid discipline. Change your negative anger into positive determination.
There's never any need to be tossed around by the fickle winds of fate. For you can take what life gives you, and turn it in your favor.
****Ralph Marston


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