Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Power of Love

The spiritual power of love is something that we hear about, but have we had the opportunity to really understand its meaning? Sometimes this can become confusing, as we mistake spiritual love for other forms.
Spiritual love is not a sentimental cloying where our need is to possess. It isn't the chemistry of lust or pheromones that cause us to act on instinct. Spiritual love is a combination of the heart and mind, unselfishly acting on the behalf of another. I emphasize "unselfishly" here, because there is no room for a hidden agenda with spiritual love.
Spiritual love has as its primary intention, the well-being of that which it is directed towards. It is far less important what one receives from the love object, than what one is able to give. It is a more detached love, more objective than what we normally experience in our daily relationships. Although we can put plenty of "heart" into it, we lose nothing by giving it away. We needn't have the love returned, no one is under any obligation, etc.
So, why does this have such power? Perhaps it is because this is the purest form of energy we can project as spiritual beings. Being free from attachment or expectation, yet full of caring and compassion, there is a healing power inherent in it which is capable of deep transformation for both the sender and the recipient.
Also, we are told that this is the creative energy which brought us into being from our Source. This is the functional nature of the Divine. It certainly makes sense, as this is the good stuff which can breathe new life into a soul who is going under for the last time.
The greatest saints, masters and teachers of our history are known primarily for their expression of this intangible, yet powerful quality. From their expression of spiritual love, sprang miracles.
Recently, someone wrote to me and said that common sense told her that we could not bless others. I disagree. Through the power of this golden energy, we shower those around us with the most magnificent blessings the human spirit can imagine. This is the truest power there is.

"Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return."


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