Friday, April 27, 2007

Helpful Hints for Husband.

Some helpful hints for a husband who wants to see his spouse experience God’s best .

A husband can

1. Back off (give her some space).

2. Be patient (don’t rush things).

3. Love her as you love your own body (that’s going to take some work).

4. Affirm her role in the family (whether she stays home or works outside the home, she’s got the most important job in the world).

5. Pray for her as you’ve never prayed before (because God hears our prayers).

6. Lower your expectations (you’re not going to see fireworks every night).

7. Do the little things (without expecting anything in return).

8. Show her she’s the most cherished woman on earth (she’ll probably faint the first time you do this).

9. Above all, persevere (you’re in this for the long haul).

10. A wise husband builds his mate’s self-esteem, realizing that the subtle words and actions of a sinful world constantly assault her sense of self-worth. He remains sensitive to her needs and is always ready to offer his support.

11. Encourage your wife verbally and demonstratively. Words of cheer and praise are high octane fuel that boost your wife’s emotional fuel tanks.


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