Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To enjoy God's presence,we must seek to please him in all that we do. To please GOD,we must continually live in God.Jesus,our perfect example,did things that pleased God both in secret and in public (John 8:29). To please God we must live a life of faith,righteousness and obedience to God.In other to please God, we will also need to be repentant.

Repentance: Definitions from Remorse or contrition for past conduct or sin;deep sorrow, compunction for a past sin, wrongdoing, or the likes.It takes repentance from sin and faith to start the life that pleases GOD.Rm 8: 5-8,Acts 3:19. For repentance to be genuine,there should be evidence of it in our lives.These are called fruits of repentance.

Fruits of repentance are:

  1. A humbling of self - not trying to justify or give excuses for wrongdoings;
  2. A heart passionately seeking to serve and please God;
  3. A habit of devotion to the Lord, a transformed life.

Realities of a life that pleases GOD (Rm 15:1-3,Gal. 1:10))-when we please God,the following will be made manifest:

  1. The grace of God that will keep us free from Sin
  2. Pleasing God will prevent us from yielding to temptation
  3. It will help us to live an overcoming life.

Benefits of pleasing GOD:

  1. We will enjoy divine presence and power in all circumstances.
  2. The Lord will reveal unto us the deep and secret things concerning our lives,family and business.
  3. We will receive speedy answers to our prayers.
  4. God will make our enemies to be at peace with us.
  5. We will be translated to heaven at the end of our lives on earth.

Learn to please God and you will live a wonderful life that you will never regret.



Anonymous said...

Anty B,this is great,ao a u & family.

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