Wednesday, March 07, 2007


8th March 2007 @ 9.09am

THIS STORY WAS RECEIVED FROM TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN.A woman said she gave cash dash to a beggar who looked the usual picture of the very poor and suffering along the road. This woman unfortunately lives alone with her two children.That same night, while she was sleeping, this woman woke up after she felt a strange presence in her room. Lo and behold, it was the same man she gave dash money to on the street. Fear alone would not allow her scream but when she picked up courage to scream, the man just told her not to bother as no one would hear her scream.Apparently, he had spiritually sealed off the whole room to be sound proof.This man proceeded to RAPE and abuse the woman sexually. Afterwards, when he was done, he told her this evil act was for him to collect her luck, progress in life and for anything else he wants.The Second woman told of how she gave N20.00 to a beggar along the road. This woman on the other hand is married and lives in a Face me I Face you yard.A few days later she went to take her bath during a clear afternoon, sad thing, her husband was just within shouting distance talking to the neighbours.While she was having her bath, this same man she gave N20 naira to appeared before her inside the bathroom, she was so shocked and angry and at the same time wondering how he got to be her yard; inside the bathroom! She screamed and shouted for him to get out of there, the man was just laughing. At that point she started screaming for help, screaming for her husband to come and help her. That's when this evil man told her that all her screaming and shouting was just inside the bathroom as the sound she was making will not reach anyone outside the bathroom.And then this evil man RAPED AND SEXUALLY assaulted her right inside the bathroom. Afterwards she was able to come out of the bathroom crying and telling everyone what had happened. The poor husband felt so angry, all the neighbours could not understand what she was telling them or how that could happen when they were just ear short away from the bathroom. MY ADVICE.......TAKE YOUR MONEY TO CHURCH OR CHARITY HOMES!


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