Thursday, March 08, 2007


There is a woman who acts like a lunatic in one of the high brow areas in Lagos.This woman wears dirty clothes, she uses numerous black nylon rubber tore into pieces to wrap her two legs to the extent that the legs will be very big as if she is suffering from elephantiasis. Sheequally carries a big basket wrapped with nylon on her head. This woman will be moving around her chosen area where she and her colleagues in crime have targeted to strike.Her all time motive was to study the types of vehicles ( the owner ofthe house uses) and the time the owner of the targeted house enters and the time he/she leaves the house. Be it under the sun or rain ,this woman will be moving round or at best stay under any available shed.
At last this woman was arrested shortly before christmas with two Pistols and a Sub-Machine-Gun in her kitty ! What led to her arrest was the confessional statement of a notorious armed robber that was arrested at the SCID,Panti.The suspected robber claimed that the woman is their armourer (i.e. the person in charge of arms). She equally acts as their informant on which place to strike. She too has her own share of any butty after their deadly operation.
The essence of this write-up is that,we should be vigilant at all time. If anybody is by the gate of your fence acting like a lunatic or begging for arms,it is better you send them parking,no matter how young or old. He/she could be on this type of an un-godly mission.

Note:It is better to be safe than sorry,always learn form others mistakes.


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